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Welcome to the Face of Facials by Milli

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

Welcome everyone! This blog is going to talk about everything facial related. There has been a lot of time and effort into finding out a lot about my own skin, and the journey has been both daunting and exciting.

As a black woman, I always thought that my skin required special treatments (like thousand-dollar treatments) simply because I'm black. It wasn't until I saw Koreans for the millionth time, that I noticed how beautiful and clean their skin was. Of course, this wasn't just limited to Koreans but many different Asians like Chinese and Japanese people.

I naturally became curious as to how their skin could look like a natural filter without makeup and how people in their 30's looked like they were 15. I started by researching Korean beauty, and that's when I found all these different facial products like masks, toners, cleansers, essence, face creams, moisturizers, etc. My first initial thought was "wow". My second thought was "this is amazing, but this could never work on my skin because I'm black and American." but I took a chance anyway. I went on amazon and searched Korean skin care and them prices were no joke, I've never been good at measurements, so when I paid $15.00 for a 1 FL OZ serum and I saw how small it was when I got it, I said "oh hell no". But I thought to myself, if this product is this expensive for this little bit, it has to be magical.

So, I applied the set in the exact order, and magical it was. My face hadn't felt so soft, it was never so clear nor clean in my whole life. This was when I knew I was on to something. I ordered more products because I was hooked and even more curious than ever, I even ordered a US based dead sea mask (BIG MISTAKE). When I applied the mask, I had waited almost a month of no facials because I wanted to see if I would have the same reaction to the Korean one I had used, my face broke out so bad with acne I wanted to cry. No I wasn't "allergic" to it because I did the allergy test and it was fine, but it didn't agree with my skin. So what did I do?

I sucked it up, I said, "if a facial product did this to me, there's no reason why another can't fix it." and that is when my experimentation began. I tried many products that were not based in Korea like L'oreal, Fenty, CeraVe, Neutrogena, etc. but none of those products could get rid of my reaction.

So, I went back to the Korean skin care, I purchased multiple things for acne and dry skin, and that's when I stumbled across my all-time favorite Snail Repair, I know what you are thinking, "ew snail, that's gross!" and I thought the same thing. But desperate times cause for desperate measures, and I was desperate.

It worked like a charm. I used it eve