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Common Facial Instruments and Do You Need Them

Facial Steamer? Silicone applicators? Facial sponges? Facial cleansing brush (automatic)? What cloths should I use? Which ones should I avoid? What is the big deal about water temperature?

No worries if you don't know the answer to any of these questions, or even what half of these items are, I will explain and let you know what to use and avoid along with the benefits! Let's get started!

Facial steamer: The objective is to steam the face to prepare it for a facial. This can take anywhere from 10 minutes to 30 (depending on you and the steamer), Steaming the face should only take ten minutes though. Steaming opens up the pores and helps loosen buildup and dirt, all while softening blackheads. Please note it is very easy to burn and damage your skin if you steam for too long, 10-15 minutes max is all it takes.

Is it worth it? I would say so. Steaming your face not only "opens" your pores, but it also allows for your products to penetrate better. is it absolutely necessary? No, but it is an added bonus

Silicone applicators: Silicone applicators and brushes are my favorite thing to use when my hands aren't doing the trick. Not only do they hold less bacteria and buildup than regular brushes and applicators, but they are also way easier to clean and use less product. I use silicone makeup applicators (they come in different sizes and are great for if you need to apply a product to hard do reach areas like the crevices of the nose). They can be cleaned with soap and water, but I take the extra step and steam them to make sure they are clean and ready for use.

Is it worth it? Yes, because it saves product, and products are expensive, so you would want them to last as long as possible. Absolutely necessary? Depends. If you want to save money in the long run, then yes, and if you don't care, then no.